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Sound Doctrine Christian Ministries provides the Church with Christian resources that are doctrinally sound. The word sound in the Greek means to be sound, in health and the word doctrine means teaching,(the substance).Which means that hearing Biblical Truth makes us spiritually healthy. If we turn from the true teachings of the Holy Scriptures we will become spiritually sick. We have to be careful to what we hear, because false teaching will make our ears itchy. Once this happens it causes an appetite for it and our spiritual ear will not want to hear sound doctrine anymore, but only the false teaching to itch the ear.

Something To Think About

Do you sincerely desire God’s Word? Can you enjoy God’s Word when you are alone? Can you enjoy God’s Word no matter who is teaching it? Does the Word of God attract you or the personality of the person teaching or preaching the Word? Can you only enjoy the Word when a certain person is preaching or teaching It?

Take the test and see:

  1. Study your Bible lesson or Sunday morning sermon at home(most mature Christians can) by missing one of your Bible study fellowships or church services. Or go to another Bible study fellowship or church(of course one that preaches the Word) .

  2. How did you feel during and afterwards?

Were you able to enjoy it or was it boring and the preacher or teacher did not excite you?

If you were not able to enjoy God’s Word alone and get what you needed, because you were not at that fellowship or church, then your dependence is not in God’s Word alone. Your joy is only in the people at that fellowship or church, not God’s Word.

Don’t fool yourself, if that preacher or teacher was teaching the same thing as the one that you like, but you did not want to hear it. You only want to hear God’s Word when a certain person is teaching it. Then you enjoy that personality and not God’s Word.

After taking this test and you see that your joy for God and His Word is in the wrong place; Pray and ask God to help you to love Him and His Word alone.

Beware. Once we acquire an appetite for personalities we are prone to turn from sound doctrine and develop itchy ears for false teachers. We can get so caught up in the personality that they can teach error and we will still follow them because we are addicted to their personality. This is one of the snares of the devil.


If we are faithful to God’s Word, He will reward us.

 “Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown.” Revelation 3:11


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