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All of the resources for the ministry are written by S. E. Gregg, who has been a Christian and has walked with the Lord for several decades.

A Bible School graduate with several spiritual gifts: preaching, teaching, evangelism, exhortation and administration. Has served as president of junior missionaries.Sunday school teacher. sceretary of an evangelism team and counselor.

The Salvation Tracts” God Became A Man” and the best selling book “Evangelism Counseling-How To Counsel People About Salvation" are both authored by S. E. Gregg. The newspaper article ”The Christian Olympics Are Still Going On!” was also written by the author .Who is also the recipient of The Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference 2003 First

Place Award in Poetry Not-Yet Published. The Poem is called “Fixing My Eyes On Jesus-Until I See His Face. NEW BOOK RELEASED! "THE CHRISTIAN OLYMPICS:GOING FOR THE GOLD CROWNS" GO TO:WWW.CHRISTIANOLYMPICS.ORG ”.





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